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Makerís 46 launches in UK
Published:  25 August, 2016

Maxxium UK is extending its bourbon portfolio with the launch of Makerís 46, a higher ABV variant of Maker's Mark targeted at premium on trade and luxury off trade.

Makerís 46 has been available in the US since 2010 and it is hoped the time is right to roll it out in the UK market.

It will launch initially in Harrods on August 26.

Janice McIntosh, Maxxium UK marketing controller for imported whiskey, told DI: ďBourbon is up 60% in the UK off trade and 40% in the on trade. We are really look forward to growing our share of the premium category.Ē

Amanda Humphrey of Mixxit added: ďWe are focusing on growing the Makerís Mark brand in the UK and we are really committed to growing the whisky category. Makerís 46 is about trading up rather than bringing people into the category.Ē

The new variant is bottled at 47% abv Ė 2% higher than standard Makerís Mark Ė and commands a higher price point at £39.99. The 46 refers to the number of attempts it took for the team to land on the final recipe.

Humphrey said the much-awaited launch could not have come at a better time as people are coming into the brown spirits category and there is a current trend for all things American. ďThe popularity of street food is soaring and there is a lot of love for American things at the moment.Ē†

Makerís 46 will be†exclusively stocked in Harrods following the release this week.