UK: Maker's Mark gets marketing push

21 August, 2009

Maxxium UK is to launch a new campaign for its Makerís Mark whisky brand.

ĎWax Lyricalí aims to raise the profile of Makerís Mark, with a presence at various bars and arts events in the south. The campaign name refers to the red wax seal each bottle of the bourbon whisky is hand-dipped in.

Flagship bars in London and Brighton will display Makerís Mark barrels alongside sculptures and carvings made from wax. A voucher available in Londonís Metro newspaper will offer consumers 2-for-1 on Makerís Mark cocktails in participating bars on every Thursday in September.

A special cocktail, the Beachdown Breeze, will be offered at Brightonís Beachdown festival in late August. Revellers at London events such as the Serpentine Gallery Park Nights and Frieze Art Fair in Regentís Park will also be able to sample cocktails.

Maxxium UK brand manager for Makerís Mark, Lee Walker said: ďThe Wax Lyrical campaign is part of our £500,000 investment in the brand this year and will reach our target audience of discerning drinkers who like to discover quality brands with heritage.Ē