Maker's Mark to sue Diageo over wax seal 'copy'

17 September, 2009

Makerís Mark bourbon whisky plans to sue Diageo over trademark issues.

The Beam Global brand has filed a lawsuit against Diageo North America, claiming that the company has infringed its red wax seal trademark by using a red wax seal on their Jose Cuervo Reserva tequila bottles.

Bill Samuels, president, Makerís Mark, said: ďJust like our iconic red wax on every Makerís Mark bottle that is produced, the lawsuit speaks for itself. †We have confidence our case will prevail.Ē

A spokesperson for Diageo North America said: ďSince 2004, Diageo North America, Inc. has sold Cuervo's Reserva de la Familia tequila product in its current packaging without complaint from Maker's Mark and with no instances of any consumer confusion with Maker's Mark bourbon.† We believe there is no merit to the claims being made in this new lawsuit, and Diageo will continue to vigorously defend its rights.Ē