Appleton Estate launches Exclusive rum

23 September, 2009

Jamaica: Appleton Estate is to launch a new luxury rum that will only be available at the Appleton Estate Rum Tour, which started on September 22.

Appleton Estate Exclusive is a luxurious blend of rums that were created to celebrate the terroir of the Nassau Valley where the Appleton Estate is located. It will be sold for US$250.00.

Judy Schoenbein, general manager of the Appleton Estate Rum Tour, said: “The Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition makes a wonderful addition to what we offer at the Appleton Estate Rum Tour.  In addition to making a journey of discovery of the rich history and heritage that is our legacy, and learning how we make our rums - visitors will now have a chance to take home something that is exclusive to the Appleton Rum Tour experience.

Master Blender Joy Spence said:  “I chose the rums that make up this blend because they reflect the elements of terroir that are exclusive to the Appleton Estate.  The Nassau Valley’s rich fertile soil and unique microclimate that features warm days, gentle afternoon showers and cool nights are the perfect conditions for growing sugar cane and tropically ageing rum.

“In addition, the pure water from the Estate’s natural spring; the varieties of sugar cane that we cultivate and our one-of-a-kind copper pot stills all contribute to the unique qualities and distinctive character of Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition.  It is a rich, smooth, full bodied rum and I would recommend that it be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.”