New one-day bartender course from UKBG

30 September, 2009

The UKBG (Bartenders’ Guild) has added a new professional one-day bar and cocktail training seminar to run alongside their level 1 three-day and level 2 five-day courses.

Course leader Brian Page said: “We have noted a demand for this format from many potential bartenders and have created this course to meet their needs.

“We have already had a test run of this format to test the content and the amount of time spent on each subject and this was well received by our participants and we are satisfied that this one-day format is up to our usual high standards.”

Page runs the courses with bartender Peter Dorelli.

The UKBG is as a not-for-profit organisation and the fee for the one-day bar and cocktail seminar will be £100.  The three-day Level 1 remains at £250 and the five-day Level 2 remains at £400.

A certificate will be issued to those who complete the course. This certification has the recognition of all 55 member countries of the International Bartenders’ Association.

Details of all the UKBG courses are on the UKBG website. Registration forms can also be downloaded from the site.