Akvinta vodka achieves 100% organic status

30 September, 2009

Akvinta vodka has been awarded 100% organic status by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In an effort to prevent food manufacturers from fraudulently marketing incorrectly labelled food, the USDA has implemented a set of labelling rules to clarify the levels of food purity.

100% Organic status means that every ingredient in the product was raised and harvested in an organic environment as approved and certified by the USDA.

Akvinta Vodka is made from two products: water from Imotski, Croatia and alcohol distilled from organic Italian wheat.

Mr Pavel Ryabov, CEO of Akvinta Vodka said: “The new certification gives Akvinta vodka the recognition it deserves for all its efforts in ensuring that it is as pure as it can possibly be.”