Ukraine: Nemiroff launches mid-priced vodka

26 October, 2009

Ukrainian vodka brand Nemiroff has launched a mid-priced vodka - Nemiroff Delikat.

According to Nemiroff, the vodka contains only natural organic ingredients. The company says it has given up the use of artificial softeners (for instance, glycerol).

Nemiroff also launched a ‘high-premium’ vodka called Lex Ultra, in early 2009.

Nemiroff Delikat will be positioned in the largest segment of the mainstream alcohol market, which the company says is up to 50% of sales in Ukraine. The retail price varies from UAH 25 for 0.5 litres to UAH 35 for 0.7 litres.

Sergey Bleskun, the commercial director of Nemiroff, said: “The new product is intended to contribute to the dynamic growth of the brand in the "white vodkas" category, as well as consolidate its position in the largest segment of mainstream market.

"We are confident that Nemiroff Delikat will allow us to maintain the aggressive growth of the sales of products under Nemiroff international brand and contribute to the opening of new markets”.

Ukrainian consumers will be the first to appreciate the benefits of the new delicate vodka “Nemiroff Delikat” – the product will be on sale from October, 2009. The new product is expected to hit the supermarket shelves in other countries in early 2010.