Aus/NZ: Ant Moore purchases winery, launches in Australia

27 November, 2009

Australia/New Zealand: Winemaker Ant Moore has finalised the purchase of the 1.9 ha pinot noir winery site, The Central Otago Vintners winery, in Cromwell, New Zealand.

The acquisition, which cost $9 million dollars to build, is the latest stage in The Ant Moore Groupís business development. The news comes as the Antmoore brand is launched into the Australian market.

Ant Moore said: ďPurchasing this winery is anything but a flash-in-the-pan for the Ant Moore Group. It is a strong step towards realising the full potential of my wine and my brand. To be a leader in the competitive wine production marketplace we needed a do-it-all winery which will allow me to follow each stage of the wine production process and one of New Zealandís largest pinot noir processing facilities fitted the bill. I am confident this expansion of our interests into Central Otago will seamlessly complement our success in Marlborough to date and our ventures in the Australian market.Ē