Puerto Ricans to boycott Diageo drinks

09 January, 2009

US: The National Puerto Rican Coalition (NPRC) has launched a campaign to urge consumers in Puerto Rico and the mainland to stop consuming Diageo products during the holiday season.

The Stop Diageo Now campaign follows Diageo’s plans to stop using rum facilities in Puerto Rico and start distilling their Captain Morgan brand on the US Virgin Islands.

President and CEO of NPRC Rafael A Fantauzzi said: “If the Puerto Rican community on the island exercise their consumer purchasing power in support of an industry that has elevated our economy and our image in the global arena, I’m sure the mainland consumers will join our efforts.

“We have to exercise our purchasing muscle to protect our jobs and our businesses.”

If Diageo’s plans to move to the US Virgin Islands go ahead, Diageo could potentially receive a much larger marketing subsidy from US federal funds that are currently reimbursed to US territories. Currently Diageo only receives a 10% subsidy from the funds generated by the rum producing industry in Puerto Rico to market Captain Morgan.

Fantauzzi said: “We have to send a strong message to Congress that they have to limit US tax payers’ dollars used to subsidies the marketing efforts of a foreign-owned company. It is important that Congress takes serious action and enact H.R. 2122 so they can protect our hard earned tax payer dollars.”