Pre-mixed Drinks Challenge results

11 January, 2010

Drinks Internationalís inaugural pre-mixed drinks challenge has revealed a high level of innovation in the ready-to-drink category. Judges included top bartenders, trainers, consultants and a Barwizard. Entrants had a choice of five categories in which to submit their drink, depending on how it is made. Categories ranged from original product combinations for non-traditional pre-mixed drinks to ready-made cocktails for drinks that are ready to serve. The results show an impressive eight gold medals, five silvers, five bronzes and five commendeds.

Original/unique product combination

Brand owner††† Brand††††††††††††††† Medal
Global Brands†††† VK Vodka Pear:†† Gold

Classic alcoholic drink and mixer combination
Diageo†††††† Smirnoff Vodka & Schweppes Tonic††††††† : Gold
Diageo†††††† J&B and Cola:†††† Silver
Diageo†††††† Bulleit Bourbon & Cola: Bronze
Diageo†††††† Smirnoff Vodka & Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice: Bronze
Diageo†††††† Smirnoff Vodka & Apple Juice Drink:† Commended
Diageo†††††† Gordonís Gin & Schweppes Tonic:† Commended

Ready-made cocktails
Diageo†††††† Smirnoff Cosmopolitan:† Gold
VNC Cocktails †††† Margarita: Gold
VNC Cocktails††††† Banana Daiquiri: Gold
VNC Cocktails††††† Feijoa & Apple: Gold
VNC Cocktails††††† Strawberry Daiquiri: Silver
Cooperativea Agricola Pisquera Elqui Capel Toffee Cream Colada:††††††† Silver
Global Brands†††† VK Mojito Original: Bronze
Diageo†††††† Cacique Mojito: Bronze
Cooperativea Agricola pisquera Elqui Coctel Capel Pina Colada: Bronze
Beam Global Spirits & Wine†† Sauza Original Margarita: Commended
West Eleven Cocktails Elderflower Collins:††††††† Commended
Cooperativea Agricola Pisquera Elqui Capel Pisco Sour Doble Destilado: Commended

Classic cocktail (user adds alcoholic drink)
Funkin†††††† The Mojito: Gold

Design & packaging
Diageo†††††† Smirnoff Cosmopolitan: Gold
Diageo†††††† Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold & Cola: Silver
Diageo†††††† J&B and Cola:†††† Silver

1. Neil Lowrey from dynamic flair duo The Barwizards;
2. Dan Wilks from Create Cocktails;
3. Bartender trainer Leanne Davidson;
4. Julian Shaw, director of bar consultancy the Gorgeous Group;
5. Drinks Internationalís news and website editor Lucy Britner.