Online grocery shopping in the UK to double in the next five years

18 January, 2009

The IGD, the lead body for the UK’s food and grocery retail industry, predicts that the number of people in the UK shopping online for food and grocery items will double by 2014

The Institute of Grocery Distribution has published research that forecasts that UK consumers will spend £7.2 billion on food and grocery shopping online by 2014 - nearly double the figure for 2009. Last year 13% of UK adults shopped online, an increase of 63% on 2006.

The key findings of Online Shopping 2009 are:

-       30% of online grocery shoppers purchase less often than once a month;

-       -24% intend to try an alternative online supermarket in the next three months and 25% would like to but are put off by the effort involved;

-       34% expect to shop in a variety of outlets, including online, in the next five to 10 years (compared to 27% in 2007);

-       A further 34% expect to only shop in a supermarket for everything and 7% expect to shop just online for food and groceries.

The UK government’s Office for National Statistics states that 64% of UK residents have shopped online at some point, but only 13% have bought food or groceries in the last year. M ore than six in 10 (61%) current and potential online shoppers also said that removing delivery charges would be a key prompt for increasing grocery shopping online.