Travel retail: Absolut vodka launches new flavour

26 January, 2010

Pernod Ricard’s Absolut vodka is to launch a limited edition new flavour in Europe and Asia duty free.

Absolut flavour of the tropics will launch at London Heathrow, followed by Paris CDG, Frankfurt and then Barcelona and Istanbul.

In Asia, the first launch will be in Singapore’s Changi international airport in February, and will then roll out across the continent, reaching Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea in March.

Winnie Wan, marketing director, Pernod Ricard Asia Duty Free, said: “Throughout Changi and the other Asian airports, brand ambassadors dressed in specially designed tropical outfits will invite travellers to enjoy Absolut flavour of the tropics signature cocktails.

“Travellers will also be able to experience unique brand installations and various sensory adventures.”

John Smailes, head of marketing, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe said: “In European airports, we’ll be conducting tastings with the new flavour, mixed with orange.”