Skalli introduces signature to wine labels

29 January, 2010

Southern French wine producer Skalli is to introduce a a new ‘Skalli signature’ across its wine labels. The signature will highlight membership of the flagship family wines.

The new signature will be rolled out across Skalli’s key brands in the next 12 months, starting with the Caves Saint Pierre, the range of premium Rhône AOC wines.

Robert Skalli, president of Skalli, said: “Research shows that consumers look for the reassurance of the brand name they know and trust when faced with an intimidating array of wines on the supermarket shelf or in a restaurant.

“Our portfolio covers single estate wines and premium wine brands such as Domaine du Siléne in the Languedoc, Clos Poggiale and Terra Vecchia in Corsica, Caves Saint Pierre in the Rhône, the Robert Skalli Reserve range in Fortant de France. Yet, at the moment there’s no obvious link between them. The new signature will reinforce the family relationship between the brands.”