InterContinental Brands can still use Vodkat name

03 February, 2010

InterContinental Brands, the makers of Vodkat, will still be allowed to use the Vodkat name.

The High Court has allowed the company to continue using the Vodkat name providing that it is made clear that the product is not vodka.

The news follows a recent dispute between Diageo and Vodkat over passing off.

ICB Director Paul Burton said: “As we have robustly maintained all along, we have never sought to mislead consumers with the branding of Vodkat. ICB will now be taking further steps in its labeling, advertising and trade information to make it absolutely clear that our product Vodkat is not vodka, which by definition should be at least 37.5% alcohol by volume.

“Vodkat’s alcoholic strength of 22% vol. and product ingredients (a blend of fermented alcohol and vodka) will be highlighted, and ICB will be asking the trade and all its customers to position Vodkat away from vodka, and alongside products such as liqueurs, other schnapps and light spirit products. This process has already started.

“Until changes to the presentation of the brand are resolved, it is "business as usual".  The fine-tuning will in no way affect continuity of sales of the product, which over the last five years has established itself as a favourite with consumers and has a retail value of £24 million.”