Russian beer dispensers to sell globally

27 August, 2008
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A Russian company has created a device that it says allows retailers to more easily sell draught beer from stores.

Pegas, from Novosibirsk-prodmash, has been available in Russia for the past four years and is now being launched internationally. The dispenser is said to succeed where others may have failed because it does not produce foam and fills bottles three times faster.

"Excessive foaming means extra time for customers, extra energy for staff and significant beer wastage, and this makes selling draught beer unprofitable," said Olga Zobova of Novosibriskprodmash.

The device can be installed into a beer column with or without a standard beer tap and can also be connected to a beer chiller or a beer line.

It is designed for use with plastic bottles, which the company says are lighter, stronger and cheaper than glass. See [].