Demand for Burgundy outstrips supply

27 August, 2008
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Demand for Burgundy continues to rise as, for the second consecutive year, sales are set to outstrip production.

According to the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne, total sales for 2006/7 increased by 4 per cent , following a 10 per cent increase the previous year.

Producers marketed 208 million bottles, described as "a historic quantity" by the BIVB. That exceeds the relatively low volume of the 2006 harvest by 15 million bottles.

Stocks of Burgundy are estimated to have fallen by 8 per cent so stocks may drop below 1.4 million hectolitres - less than one year's harvest in stock.

Some appellations are more affected than others. Crémant is at a "very low level" (half a year's harvest in stock) and Maconnais whites has two-thirds of a harvest in stock.