27 August, 2008
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Brand owner ZGM

Produced in Italy

Size 75cl

Price £4.99

Abv 11.5 (white) 13 (red)

Markets UK initially


Belliccia is leading ZGM's charge into the branded wine sector, initially in the UK. The Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (red) and Trebbiano (white) are part of the major German wine producer and packer's claimed £4.8 million investment in the UK alone.

Along with these two light, easy-to-drink Italian wines it is also unveiling Mestizo, a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, McQuillans, a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon blend from California, and Palatium, a Pinot Blanc from the Pfalz region of Germany.

In the spring ZGM is to introduce a

low-alcohol, premium wine-based drink called Entwine,m which will have a marketing spend of £2.45 million. This range comprises: Bucks Fizz, Raspberry and Cranberry Fizz (both £4.99), Elderflower Cooler (£3.99), Shiraz Rosé Spritzer (£2.99) and Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer (£2.99).