Best consumer marketing awareness campaign - blended whisky: Ballantine's

27 August, 2008
Page 42 
Pernod Ricard's Scotch and premium gin arm, Chivas Brothers, announced in May a E40m global campaign, taking in the whole Ballantine's range for the first time in many years. The intention is to put clear water between Ballantine's and its near rival from the Diageo camp, J&B Rare, which sits just above Ballantine's as the world's second biggest selling Scotch whisky brand.

The campaign, entitled Leave an Impression, ran first in key markets including Germany, Brazil, Spain and Australia and is currently rolling out to as many as 60 more. A central element is a TV and cinema advert, filmed in Buenos Aires and entitled Underground Music, in which a man in his early 30s relaxes in a plush underground chamber and, inspired by his favourite whisky, pipes opera music out to the street.

"The campaign is all about individuality," said Ballantine's Finest and 12 Year Old brand director, Peter Moore, at the time of the launch. "It's about leaving an impression by being true to yourself and living ... with a strong sense of originality, charisma and style."

In support of the new campaign, Ballantine's 12 Year Old was relaunched with new packaging in September, bringing it into line with the styling of the rest of the brand portfolio and giving "one consistent global identity". The 12 Year Old is seen as providing an essential bridge between entry-level Ballantine's Finest and its older 17, 21 and 30 Year Old extensions, targeting premium whisky drinkers in their early thirties.