US: Hiram Whipped Cream "imitation liqueur" to launch

11 April, 2012

Pernod Ricard USA has reacted to the surge of interest in whipped cream flavoured spirits and liqueurs in the US with the June launch of the "imitation liqueur", Hiram Walker Whipped Cream.

The US subsidiary of the French drinks group said the whipped flavour segment is the "fastest growing in the spirits category (source: Neilsen, January 2012)" and described the Hiram Walker variant as having a “smooth whipped cream flavour”.

The product is made from "sugar, alcohol and water" and classified as an “imitation liqueur”, not a cream liqueur.

It will be available in 1L, 75cl and 5cl sizes for a suggested retail price of US$9.99 per 75cl and is said to be suitable for “dessert-like mixed cocktails” or consumed “chilled and straight up”.

Sarah Sercia, brand manager for Hiram Walker at Pernod Ricard USA, said: “While whipped is an established flavour in the vodka segment, Hiram Walker Whipped Cream will be the only nationally available whipped flavour in the cordials segment.

“Cordials are the second most shopped retail segment behind vodka and have the highest incidence of cross-category shopping with vodka (source: The Liquor Shopper Experience, 2007), making Whipped Cream a natural extension of our diverse flavour portfolio that will allow consumers and bartenders alike to create delicious and distinctive new cocktail recipes or develop new flavour variations on old favourites.”

The launch will be supported by POS and merchandising materials including “one case bins, case cards and special recipe neckers”.