Evolution in the club

27 August, 2008
Page 33 
Spain's leading native brand, the single grain,

five-times distilled Evolution vodka, is using strong music, dj and clubbing tie-ins with the aim of leapfrogging the brand beyond its Spanish heartland to a more global audience of drinkers.

Brand activity has majored on sponsorship of Spanish music festivals with an international theme, including the Infinita Gay Festival in Madrid, which attracts upwards of 2 million people for a weekend of unrivalled revelry.

Evolution has also established close ties with Clubbers Day music festivals, attended by up to 40,000 people and, since sponsoring the opening of Space, the biggest party venue in Ibiza and also the world, has grown to dominate the island vodka scene.

Evolution also claims a first in TV, streaming the parties and clubs it sponsors so that friends around the globe can download real-time images of their friends partying it up, while of course sipping Evolution vodka.