Havana Club rum repackages seven year old

12 May, 2009

Havana Club International has repackaged its Añejo 7 Años rum to highlight the brand's provenance.

Havana Club International has repackaged its Añejo 7 Años rum.

The new bottles will be available in markets worldwide from Summer 2009.

The new packaging features updated elements including higher visibility for the figure ‘7’ on the bottle neck and a label that echoes cigar bands. The cap and neck of the bottle also feature the signature of Havana Club’s Primer Maestro Ronero, Don José Navarro, reinforcing the human dimension.

The “sello de garantia de origen Cubano” (Seal of Cuban Origin) is also carried on every bottle of Havana Club rum as a proof of authenticity and quality.

Marc Beuve-Méry, managing director of Havana Club International SA said: “As part of our strategy to achieve sales of five million cases by 2013, we are focusing heavily on the dark aged rum category.  To achieve this goal, we are investing heavily in the brand and specifically on our flagship product and this new look is part of that approach. We need to ensure that the brand’s packaging reflects history and heritage.”