Glenfiddich launches whisky website

22 May, 2009

Glenfiddich has launched a new website to help people explore whisky. features facts and recommendations. Four main sections include ‘Journey of Flavour’ provides an insight into Glenfiddich’s flavour characteristics; ‘The World of Whisky’ explains the origins and types of Scotch whiskies and other whiskies from around the world; ‘Drinking Pleasure’ suggests a range of ways to drink single malt Scotch whisky; and ‘Food for Thought’ provides a food matching guide for the 12, 15, 18 and 21 year olds.

Utadi Murphy, William Grant & Sons’ global relationship marketing manager said: “The launch of Explorers is a really exciting step for us and one which will provide visitors with stimulating insights into the pleasures of whisky drinking and the distinctive taste of Glenfiddich. The launch of follows the launch, earlier this year, of The Balvenie’s new website , which features an online Whisky Shelf called Warehouse 24, and offers visitors the opportunity to rate and share notes on thousands of different single malt whiskies.

“The site is available from beginners to connoisseurs, so we hope you too will find ways to explore new possibilities through single malts.”