Consumers don't understand biodynamic wine - new research

27 May, 2009

Only 15% of UK wine consumers would buy wine because it was biodynamic or organic, according to a new survey from UK wine merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd. In response, the company is launching an education initiative to inform people about biodynamics.

According to the research, 82% of wine lovers are concerned about reducing their impact on the environment and expressing an interest in how their wine is produced and how vines are tended.

However, only 15% of drinkers would buy a wine purely because of biodynamic or organic certification. 

Berry Bros says the root of this could be a lack of understanding – with six in ten (57%) of wine buffs saying they’d buy more biodynamic wine if they understood how it was grown. 

'Wine Matters' is an initiative to dispel biodynamic myths and encourage wine enthusiasts to have their say on how the wine they buy is produced., includes a series of topics and discussions from Berrys' MW as well as industry experts.

Jasper Morris MW said: "Our number one concern as a business is selling the very best quality wine and we are increasingly seeing that biodynamic production methods, given the stringent attention to detail required by producers, result in better quality wine. We want to share this knowledge with our customers and let them know where their wine has come from and how it has been made.”

Berrys will be inviting guest bloggers each week to join the debate including biodynamic wine producer from Rhône, Montirius, and Gavin Partington from The Wine and Spirit Trade Association.