Russian Baltika beer brewed in Australia

01 July, 2009

Baltika beer is now also brewed under licence in Australia. The Independent Distillers company has launched licensed production of Baltika №3 in 0.33 litre bottles.

According to Baltika, its beer is the only brand to be brewed under license in Australia.
The company said licensed production in Australia was reasonable because of the rapid expansion of premium imported beer market. Inland production also decreases logistical costs.
Dmitry Kistev, export sales director of Baltika Breweries said: "Baltika is the only Russian beer brand in the Australian market. Since the beginning of export deliveries in 2004 Baltika №3 has gained popularity among both the Russian-speaking population of Australia and local beer lovers."
Baltika’s brands are also brewed under licence in Ukraine, Great Britain and Uzbekistan.
The brewery exports more than three million litres of beer per year to the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, New Zealand and South Korea.
An average price for a multipack of 6 Baltika №3 bottles of 0.33 litre is about 16 Australian dollars (more than four hundred rubles).