UK/Australia: Aspall Cyder to distribute Little Creatures beer

22 July, 2009

UK/Australia: Suffolk-based Aspall Cyder company has extended its partnership with Australian brewer Little World Beverages, to distribute its portfolio of Little Creatures beers and ciders in the UK.

The reciprocal agreement follows Aspall Suffolk Cyder’s launch into Australia two years ago through Little World Beverages.

The Little Creatures range is available immediately through Aspall in 330ml bottles and comprises Pale Ale, (5.2% abv); Bright Ale (4.5% abv); Pilsner (4.6% abv); Rogers’, an amber ale (3.8% abv) named after Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell – two local brewers; and Pipsqueak, a light, Australian cider (5.2% abv).

Henry Chevallier Guild, Aspall partner, said: “There are huge synergies between Little World Beverages and Aspall, with both companies operating within the premium areas of their respective categories as well as sharing the same consumer base. Reciprocating our initial agreement was therefore a natural extension of this partnership.

Howard Cearns, Little World Beverages director, said: “We have often referred to our target audience as 'flavour hounds,' those discerning consumers who choose to seek something special. Aspall shares similar territory to Little World Beverages, in terms of both its products and philosophical patience in establishing a quality position in the market.”

According to Aspall Suffolk Cyder, the brand continues to grow at 80% year-on-year.