Little Red Door launches new menu for 2022

Parisian bar Little Red Door has launched a new menu for 2022 called Flourish, using directly sourced produce at the core of each cocktail.

Utilising its ecosystem of French producers, Little Red Door explores a farm to glass model for creating its menu, with all 10 cocktails centred around one item of produce.

Transforming into a liquid ingredient to create each cocktail is citrus, carrot, raspberry, chamomile, saffron, nyons olives, rice, alsacien hops, grenoble walnuts, rhubarb and camargue rice.

The bar’s previous menu, Grounded, was nominated for the World’s Best Cocktail Menu, as it took a similar approach to this year’s Flourish menu.

Little Red Door, ranked in 50 Best Bars for the last eight years, has been an institution in cocktail arts since 2012, with the currently available new menu set to continue this legacy.