Kahlúa to reach 100% sustainable coffee by November 2022

Coffee liqueur-brand Kahlúa has announced that it will reach a 100% sustainable coffee harvest to cover all production by November 2022.

The Mexican brand has also released the blueprint for its Coffee for Good sustainability programme as a free toolkit to encourage other businesses to review their sustainability development plans.

“We embarked on a long journey of sustainability which involved going back to the beginning – to the birthplace of Kahlúa in Veracruz,” said Giancarlo Martins, global marketing manager at Pernod Ricard.

“There are real communities at the heart of each bottle of Kahlúa, and it was incredibly important to us that everyone involved in the production feels equipped to live a fully rounded sustainable lifestyle.”

The Coffee for Good programme was launched in 2016 in partnership with Fondo Para la Paz - a development charity that increases the wellbeing of rural, indigenous communities in Mexico.

“By working with Fondo Para la Paz, we’re proud of the programme that is Coffee for Good, but we’re also aware that as a brand, the goalpost is always moving,” said Martins. “

We’re always looking for the next step in our own journey. We hope that with our free industry toolkit, other businesses - within the drinks industry or otherwise - are able to take even a small amount of inspiration and find something that might work for them too.”

The full details of the Coffee For Good programme are below and the toolkit is available here.