Procera Gin releases 2022 vintage

Kenyan gin distiller Procera has launched the 2022 annual vintage of its ultra-premium Red Dot and Green Dot gin expressions both distilled using fresh Juniperus procera harvested in the nearby Kenyan highlands.

Procera Gin is the only producer that uses the indigenous African juniper species and one of a select few that distils using fresh juniper as opposed to the dried fruit.

The use of fresh juniper allows for the release of vintage expressions that showcase the terroir of the growing region.

Red Dot has a spicy profile which it owes to the use of five African pepper botanicals, while Green Dot has been created as a one-botanical gin that uses juniper berries, toasted wood, and tree foliage solely from one tree.

Since launching the distillery has planted 15000 procera trees in the Kenyan Highlands, uses only recycled glass, and collaborates closely with local farmers and artisans to benefit communities and create employment.

Only 300 bottles of Red Dot and Green Dot will be made available to the UK market released with the rrp of £95 and£115 respectively.