Torres Brandy presents first smoked brandy: Torres 10 Smoked Barrel

Torres Brandy has revealed its first smoked brandy, the Torres 10 Smoked Barrel, a limited edition that will only be available for a short time. 

Torres Brandy, the bartender's choice of brandy according to Drinks International’s Brands Report 2022, has experimented with smoked barrels to give its flagship brand, Torres 10, a finishing touch that will expand its range of cocktail-friendly spirits.

The brandy has the protected geographical indication ‘Brandy del Penedès’ and is topaz in colour, created with an initial ageing in used barrels through the traditional solera method, to then undergo a second ageing, this time in smoked American oak barrels.

Torres Brandy, a partner of the recent The World’s 50 Best Bars, saw the team at winning bar, Paradiso, use the new release as inspiration for its Torres Penicillin, a twist on the classic cocktail that was served at the Torres Brandy party in Barcelona, the host city for 50 Best.

The Paradiso team said: “We made a mushroom broth and, once cooled, added fresh lemon juice to it to acidify it. For the sweet part, we used chestnut honey and fresh ginger extract.” The cocktail was garnished with the mushrooms from the broth both in the form of thin, crispy chips and as a sauce.