Havana Club's Maestros del Ron Cubano recognised by UNESCO

Cuba’s Maestros del Ron Cubano, the island’s resident rum masters, have had their knowledge and expertise officially recognised by UNESCO as World Intangible Heritage last week.

The delegation included Havana Club’s own Primer Maestro, Juan Carlos Gonzales, and Maestro Asbel Morales, who travelled to Rabat, Morocco, to uphold its application in the final step of the process. 

Dating back more than 150 years, the Cuban rum-making tradition has made it "the island of rum,” backed by a team of people who dedicated their careers to the spirit after at least fifteen years of practice.

The late Don José Navarro, historic leader of the Maestros and creator of the flagship Havana Club 7 Años rum, often said that the art of Cuban rum is "a cultural heritage, transmitted from Maestro to Maestro, from heart to heart, from Cuban to Cuban", now the UNESCO recognition will strengthen this knowledge and transmit from generation to generation.