Waterford Distillery launches Cuvée: Argot single malt whisky

Ireland’s Waterford Distillery, producer of natural whiskies, has announced the launch of Cuvée: Argot, a permanent addition to its single malt whisky range and accompanying Cuvée Concept.

Launching from today, Cuvée: Argot is the distillery’s first permanent global bottling, following the distillery’s bottlings of Ballybannon and Fenniscourt launched last year.

Mark Reynier, Waterford Distillery Founder and CEO, said: “At Waterford Distillery, our view is rather than a manufactured product, Waterford Whisky is an agricultural product. It’s of the land; our reverence for its raw material, barley. And Argot is our introduction to that Waterford Whisky world.

Waterford Whisky’s Cuvée Concept, inspired by the châteaux of France, is "the first of its kind in the single malt whisky industry." By harvesting, distilling and maturing Irish barley farm by farm, each with its own terroir-derived flavour profile, the Cuvée: Argot combines a number of distinct single farm origins to create a signature bottling from the distillery. 

Cuvée: Argot will be available here from mid-March, and worldwide at key retailers as a permanent listing, priced at €59.90, £56 and US$59.95 respectively.