Dubai’s Ergo takes over The Rum Shack with Takamaka

Ergo at The Dubai Edition is travelling to Mahé in the Seychelles this August, the island home of Takamaka Rum, for a month-long residency at ‘The Rum Shack’. 

The Ergo team, led by co-owner Jimmy Barrat, will be serving an exclusive menu at the La Plaine St André distillery and visitor centre, spotlighting Takamaka’s range.

“The opportunity to deliver a drink experience at both this heritage site but also one that really focussed on local fresh ingredients and a single spirit was one that we couldn’t pass up,” said Barrat.

“We will be rotating the team through the month, creating daily cocktails but also actively engaging with the local bar scene.” 

Brothers and Takamaka co-founders Bernard and Richard d’Offay will give Ergo full reign of their garden bar, the first in a series of takeovers hosting some of the world’s best bar teams. 

Visitors to La Plaine St André can taste Takamaka rum cocktails alongside its visitor experience, as well as a guided tour of the distillery and access to a museum showcasing the history of Takamaka and the Seychelles.