Foster’s pays tribute to England’s Ashes victory

Foster’s has launched an online tribute to England’s cricket victory, the first time for 24 years that England has won an Ashes Test Series in Australia.

The 15-second film shows Aussie beach blokes Brad and Dan in an amusing parody of the current Foster's 'Good Call' TV ad campaign in the UK, which shows the duo offering advice to telephone callers from the UK on a range of life's little dilemmas including the chances that a girlfriend will look like her mum in later years and whether it's ever a good idea to get a tattoo of your girlfriend's name.

The viral entitled ‘Interference’, created by London based creative agency Adam & Eve, will run on YouTube and news and sport websites and shows Brad and Dan receiving another call from the UK asking if they enjoyed the Ashes Series. The pair respond by placing a radio near the phone which creates static interference and gives them the excuse to end the call because the line is poor.

Nic Casby, Foster's brand manager at Heineken UK said: "England’s stunning Ashes success has left most Aussie cricket fans speechless but our film shows Brad and Dan, the characters in our TV advertising, in defiant mood to the end. I'm sure England fans will enjoy our homage to England's magnificent achievement - and hopefully our Aussie cousins will forgive us one last show of English 'reverse swing'."

To see the ad, click here