Girelli steps up with a new company

Stefano Girelli, one of Italy’s leading, most innovative wine producers, has re-emerged with a new company and a new set of wines, predominately from Sicily

Girelli headed up Casa Girelli, his family business based in Trentino, northern Italy until he merged it into the large neighbouring La Vis co-operative. In June 2009 he left the new enlarged company, having become increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied.

At the recent London International Wine Trade Fair, Girelli was beaming as he showed off his new wines and spoke about his new company, the Wine People.

The company comprises three directors and totals eight in all, most are former Casa Girelli employees. While the company is based in Trentino, the main focus of the company’s wines are from Siclly with Girelli’s organic Feudo di Santa Tresa estate being central to it.

Santa Tresa is a 50 hectare estate in Vittoria, south eastern Sicily, which has undergone considerable re-planting. It has been certified organic since the 2009 vintage.

The Wine People’s major launch is Insieme (means: together), which is a ‘no-sulphur-added’ (NSA) Nero d’Avola, made in conjunction with fair trade South African organic wine producer, Stellar Winery. Girelli says the project is sustainable, organic and fair trade, with a proportion of the dividends going to Stellar’s social programme in South Africa.

Girelli said: “When looking at the future for Santa Tresa, making an NSA wine seemed the next logical step – making a wine which is even closer to nature than wine which is simply organically produced. It is harder work and requires a different approach to production, but the creation of a wine in its purest, most natural state is worth it.”

Insieme is estate bottled and is expected to retail in the UK at approximately £7.99.

The Wine People is sourcing and producing wines from other regions. They include:














Torre Spina