Penfolds releases $168,000 wine

Penfolds has launched a $168,000 wine. The 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon comes in a hand-blown glass ampoule within a wooden Jarrah cabinet.

The Penfolds Ampoule price tag includes an opening ceremony and masterclass with a senior member of the Penfolds winemaking team, who will travel to the imbiber’s location.

The glass sculpture was designed and hand-blown by artist Nick Mount, while furniture craftsman Andrew Bartlett designed and made the cabinet. The scientific–grade ampoule, designed to store the wine in an ideal environment, and encased within the glass sculpture, was created by “scientific glassblower” Ray Leake.

Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago said: “Behind every Penfolds wine is the joy, energy, research and science that shapes it. The ampoule project is typical of the pioneering philosophy behind Penfolds winemaking evolution. The collaboration with South Australia’s finest artists has been a fitting tribute for one of South Australia’s finest wines.”

The ten-acre Block 42 vineyard is composed of 19th century pre- phylloxera Cabernet Sauvignon vines.

Prices may vary in different markets.