Australian Vintage puts wine in pints

Australian Vintage has launched Vinni, a wine-based sparkling drink intended to be drunk in a pint glass.

Hoping to exploit the UK trend towards lighter wine styles and attract would-be cider drinkers, Vinni has an abv of 5.5% and is made from Moscato grapes grown in the cooler climates of New South Wales.

According to Australian Vintage, the 568ml (1 pint) bottles are designed to be served over ice.

Vinni, described as  “fresh and fruity” in style, is available now at major UK retailers for £3.49 per bottle.

Julian Dyer, general manager of Australian Vintage for UK and Europe, said: “We are always looking to innovate and use our insight to create new products that challenge but also respond to what we believe the market and the consumer wants.

“We believe that this lighter, less alcoholic wine based produce will open up a whole new avenue for wine, appealing to younger audiences who perhaps have not tried it before.”

Other than Moscato grapes, ingredients also include sulphites, milk and egg.