DesmondJi range is rolled out to major Indian cities

Agave India has rolled out a six-strong range of spirits and pre-mixed cocktails to Maharashtra, following their launch in Goa last year.

The six-bottle series includes two white spirits: DesmondJi 100% Agave and DesmondJi 51% Agave, two liqueurs based on Nagpur oranges: DesmondJi Blue Curaçao and DesmondJi Orange Liqueur, and two “affordable easy-to-make alcoholic margarita blends”: DesmondJi Classic Margarita and DesmondJi Blue Margarita.

The bottles are priced at INR999 in Maharashtra, while the 100% agave is INR1700 in the state.

Broken down by city, they are now available in Mumbai, Pondicherry and Daman and will arrive in Bangalore and Pune in the next few weeks. There will be launches in further Indian cities next year.

DesmondJi range is the brainchild of Goa-based Desmond Nazareth, who has targeted urban Indian consumers that are 21-55-years old.

The products are made from 100% Indian ingredients, while distilling, bottling and labeling are all India-based.

Desmond Nazareth describes the range as “the first alcohol brand in India to offer premium international spirits, liqueurs and innovative easy-to-use cocktail blends”.

All the products have an abv of 37.14%.