Patience Gould on the last great innovation

I suggest that describing the approach as “curious” here is something of an understatement – bordering on virtual madness would be nearer the mark. I mean, the company has even bothered to create a virtual character, Wit Oddoski, who we are asked to believe has miraculously conjured up this flavoured vodka range, so if it fails I suppose the blame can be heaped on him – poor Wit.

But back on planet earth and reality, over in Mexico another Pernod Ricard outpost, the tequila power house Olmeca, is successfully extending its brand franchise with the premium 20% abv Olmeca Fusión tequila-based liqueur range. Olmeca Fusión Chocolate was first launched in South Africa, Greece and Spain, where chill machines aid and abet the serve, and it has since been joined by Hibiscus and Chili Chocolate flavours – the potential for new flavours is currently under “analysis”.  

I understand the Olmeca marketing strategy and it’s not surprising that it’s already reaping rewards – but I am in wonderment when it comes to Oddka Vodka.  The website asks: “Have you ever wondered what a bolt of lightning tastes like?” Well no, as a matter of fact I haven’t, but for those who have I recommend Oddka Electricity.  

Apparently “it’s shockingly good, tongue-tingling vodka”.