World's 50 Best Bars Brands Report: Gin


The World’s 50 Best Bars has grown considerably over the past few years. The Academy of voters continues to expand and thanks to their votes, we think we’ve built up a pretty fantastic list of top bars and bartenders from all over the world. It’s still growing and long may that continue.

Last year, this growth and subsequent success of the World’s 50 Best Bars allowed us to reinvent the way we conduct this brands survey and we began asking this list of elite bars what they were selling.

To create an even better global picture of popular brands, we polled 100 of the top 250 bars. We used independent research company Leslie Henry Marketing & Research to do the polling.

Among the bars that responded this year is the Best Bar in the World – the Artesian in London – as well as a whole host of other great bars from around the globe. They include Black Pearl in Melbourne, Schumann’s in Munich, Employees Only in New York, Bar Hive Five in Tokyo, Floreira Atlantico in Buenos Aires, Le Forum in Paris, Quinary in Hong Kong, Delicatessen in Moscow, Dry Martini in Barcelona and Tippling Club in Singapore, as well as many other top venues.

The team at Leslie Henry asked the top bars which brands were best sellers and which were – to borrow from Twitter – trending. A trending brand might not be doing the same volumes as a best seller, but it’s a brand that customers are increasingly asking for. It indicates a trend – and sometimes trends turn into best sellers down the line. There have been a few moves this year and a few brands have fallen from the list. In their place, we welcome several new brands that are riding the wave of popularity with both bartenders and consumers.

We also asked this crack team of bar experts to name their favourite spirit for a number of classic cocktails. So, if you want to know which tequila tops the poll for a world class Margarita and which rum wins the tussle for the best Mojito, you can see those results on pages.