City Guide to Paris

Sherry Butt, 20 Rue Beautreillis, 75004 Paris

As part of the second generation of cocktail bars to spring up in the capital, the young and dynamic team behind the Sherry Butt has put a lot of soul into its creation. And it shows. 

With an exceptional menu of drinks that display a skill for balance and creativity, it’s hard to go wrong here. Not surprisingly given the name, in addition to cocktails the bar also offers more than 100 whisky choices and some interesting flights. Given the quality, it’s no surprise it took last year’s Cocktails Spirits award for Best French Cocktail Bar.

Located on a quiet street in a hip ’hood, it’s an easy walk to many of the city’s other notable bars. But why would you leave? The space is stylish, comfortable and roomy enough to settle into their sofas and enjoy a few drinks with friends. And a nice food menu makes it even easier to stay for a few more.

La Conserverie, 37 bis rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris

La Conserverie has always been pleasantly discreet and under the radar. Yet it still manages to attract some of the city’s most exceptional bar talent as well as a loyal crowd of regulars. 

The menu focuses on seasonal ingredients and offers house creations as well as classics. The scene is perfect for lounge lovers with its ambient lighting, sexy sofas, high ceilings and industrial shabby chic touches. And, while this team recently opened a second spot, UC -61, which is also worth a visit, it’s La Conserverie that’s put in the time and effort and proved its staying power so wins a spot on the top 10.  

Candelaria, 52 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

From the day it opened, Candelaria has been a darling of the Parisian bar scene. Sure, many people are drawn by the unmarked door hidden at the back of a busy taqueria. But, it’s the quality of the drinks that sets it apart, earning multiple nominations for Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail and proving it’s got the chops to play with the big boys internationally.

The standard menu is a sure bet, but cocktail geeks who want to customise their own Martini or enjoy the perfect Pegu Club can ask for the reserve menu for dozens of choices.

The driving force behind Candelaria is the dynamic trio of owners – Josh Fontaine, Adam Tsou and Carina Soto Velasquez Tsou – who cultivate a top notch team that shares their creative vision and allows them to come up with and execute original concepts both in terms of drinks and decor. Refreshingly, all three of their exceedingly popular bars (Candelaria, Glass and Mary Celeste) exhibit very different and distinct personalities and styles.