Belvedere promotes drinking ‘better’ during London Cocktail Week

Belvedere Vodka is opening a three-day ‘Drink, Eat, Live’ pop-up during London Cocktail Week. 

The bar is designed to ‘take a different approach and look at what we drink and how we drink it’, by serving cold press juices, low alcohol and/ or low and sucrose-free Belvedere vodka cocktails.

Primarily aimed at bartenders, Drink, Eat, Live will also offer discounted cocktails to London Cocktail Week wristband wearers from Wednesday 8-10 in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.

Claire Smith, head of spirit creation & mixology for Belvedere said: "We recognise that enjoying a well-made cocktail is part of the social fabric of life, and we wanted to celebrate this by demonstrating fantastic cocktails made with a variety of alcohol levels as well as different, 100% natural flavours and sweeteners.  

“Great drinks don’t have to just be about how much alcohol they contain, but should be judged by how delicious they are. Today we are aware of the harmful effects of over indulgence not just alcohol but from sugar and artificial flavours, and Belvedere want to show that there are ways to drink ‘better’, when armed with just a little bit knowledge.”

Drink, Eat, Live is an ongoing programme created by Smith to promote health and wellness in drinking. The programme was originally created to give lifestyle advice to bartenders.