Star Studded: TFWA World Exhibition Review

The 40% abv liqueur is presented in a frame, which uses a transparent film to give it the illusion of being suspended in mid-air.

“Disaronno Riserva is not a mass product,” said Augusto Reina at the launch of the product in Cannes. “It is targeted at people who really care and who are really interested in creating a different experience with liqueur.”

Stoli and Elit launches for SPI in Cannes

SPI released its second limited-edition Stolichnaya Premium Night Edition bottle at Cannes before a roll out to selected airports at the end of the year.

The frosted 1-litre bottle has a label featuring temperature-activated ink, which becomes illuminated once it’s placed in the freezer for half an hour. 

It then shows party night life-associated imagery such as a DJ, shakers, drinks and musical notes. 

The heart that features on the front of the bottle also grows horns to symbolise the change from day to night.

The new Premium Night Edition bottle will roll out globally from the start of next year and the travel retail support package for operators will include display units and POS material. 

LED-lit ice coolers and a 30-second video will show travellers how the bottle label activates.

SPI Group also launched the final edition of its ultra-premium elit Pristine Water Series vodkas at Cannes. 

The 40% abv elit Pristine Water Series: Andean Edition is made from mineral-rich water sourced from Colico Lake in Chile. 

Presented in a Glencairn crystal decanter housed in a Chilean black cherry wood case, the new vodka is priced at €3,000 and limited to 250 bottles.

New Marie Brizard liqueurs target chocolate lovers 

Marie Brizard-Groupe Belvédère targeted chocolate lovers with the release of two chocolate-flavoured Marie Brizard liqueurs at the TFWA World Exhibition.

Chocolat Royal is a 17% abv liqueur made with African cocoa beans grown in the Ivory Coast, a hint of vanilla, but no dairy products. 

Presented in a chocolate-brown coloured bottle with a red band around the middle, Chocolat Royal is priced in travel-retail at around €24-€25 for a 1-litre bottle.

Also new was Chocolate Royal Blanc – a 17% abv white chocolate liqueur presented in a cream-coloured bottle. 

Marie Brizard-Groupe Belvédère also presented the ultra-premium Cubay Extra Viejo rum, a mix of rums aged between three and 13 years in white oak, which are then blended together and returned to white oak barrels for a further decade of ageing. 

State-owned Corporación Cuba Ron SA produces Cubay Extra Viejo and Groupe Belvédère signed a five-year distribution deal in 2013 to represent the brand internationally. Presented in a luxury decanter, Cubay Extra Viejo is priced at €99 in travel-retail.