Buffalo Trace releases wheat bourbon Warehouse Floor Experiment

Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced the wheat bourbon release from its Warehouse Floor Experiment. 

The Experimental Collection is available in 12 x 375ml bottles, with three bottles from each warehouse floor in a case. Each label includes information unique to that barrel of whiskey.

Harlen Wheatley, master distiller said: “This experiment was an interesting comparison to our rye bourbon warehouse floors experiment, especially since both were aged in the same warehouse and on the same floors.

“As with the rye bourbon experiment, the higher floors yielded a different taste profile than the lower floors, giving us a richer and full bodied taste. Also, we noticed a higher evaporation rate on the wheat recipe experiment vs. the rye bourbon recipe experiment.”

The wheat evaporated between 42-51% over the twelve years, depending on what floor the barrel was aged.  The rye experiment evaporated between 25-49% over the twelve years, with significantly less on the lower floors, Wheatley said. “This higher evaporation rate is expected in wheated recipes, but it’s interesting to see it up close with the rye experiment.”  

The whiskeys will launch this month, retailing for approximately $46.35 each.