The Brandy Report (7/12): Spanish Brandy

The producers of Spanish brandy can see two major opportunities as they look to the future. One lies in emerging markets such as China, where cognac has done well but may be vulnerable to Spanish brandy products should China’s economic growth falter again. Certainly that’s the view of Gonzalo Medina García de Polavieja.

The future is promising for Spanish brandy,” he says, “Brandy de Jerez 
is a high-quality product and the challenge is to transmit this quality to the consumer. As for markets, China is an opportunity for our brandy Gran Duque de Alba as the Chinese consumer demands top range spirits and quality brandy as a more competitive alternative to cognac. 

“We have successfully introduced the Gran Duque de Alba range in different provinces in China. The intermediaries are looking for alternatives to cognac at more affordable prices and similar characteristics, but at the same time quality spirits. “The high price of cognac has indeed proved beneficial to Spanish brandy.”

Other producers are looking for a mix of traditional brandy products with heritage and history, alongside innovative products. “We also have specialties such as Torres Spiced,” says Maczassek. This is a brandy distilled from wine of traditional Spanish white grapes, which is then macerated with natural cinnamon and sugar cane and aged in oak barrel. 

“The flavoured version is a good way of bringing dark spirits closer to a younger group of consumers. Torres Spiced is just one of several new projects we are working on with a premium and super-premium focus to attract new drinkers and new segments in the near future.” 

Spain’s brandy producers, then, are embarking on a quest to combine history and heritage with fashion and innovation. Only time will tell if it will work for the category.

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