Anivin announces approved wines

Anivin de France, the organisation responsible for promoting Vin de France wines, has announced that 112 wines have been selected as its ambassador wines for 2015.

The wines were selected during a tasting earlier this month. The 372 wines entered represented a 28%increase on last year. Eighty-three companies entered their wines, which equated to a 38%increase.

The 112 winning wines were split into two categories: 23 gold medals; and 89 silver medals. The total number of award winning wines amounts to 30% of the total samples, the standard set by the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin).

The wines were chosen in Paris by 34 international wine experts at a blind tasting. The judges included buyers Jacqueline Snoeker (Ahold, Netherlands), Aline Bao (, China), Lu Yang (Shangri-La, China), Ralph Zorn (Vin & Vie, Germany), Bradley Lewis (ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, US) and Geoffrey Pattison (Wally’s, USA), Beth Willard (Direct Wines), Clive Donaldson (Morrisons) and Marcia Waters MW (Oxford Wine Company). In total nine countries were represented on the panel. The tasting was moderated by members of the Union des Oeonologues de France.

The wines selected will be showcased at Prowein in Hall 11 Booth A129.

AniVin de France director Valérie Pajotin said: “It is very encouraging to see more and more samples being entered into the annual competition, and more companies involved in the activity. These increases really go to show that the category is proving its commercial value as a true asset for the French wine industry.”

Vin de France

Vin de France is a national based classification created in 2009 in Europe following changes in the regulations about the European nomenclature of wine categories, commonly known in the trade as the Common Market Reform. Although some Vin de France wines appeared in 2009 via early-adopter growers and producers, the first real wave of these wines was for vintage 2010. The wines can be either a single varietal wine, or a blend and they are permitted to show both the grape and the vintage on the label. This is said to represent a new generation among French wines.

Vin de France wines represent a simplification of the French offer with a clear and professional segmentation:

• They focus on wine brands;

• They identify the taste profile of the wine through varietal labelling; and can also show the vintage;

• They show the country of origin.

Vin de France wines can be made from anywhere in France, and, like their New World counterparts, Vin de France producers and growers are permitted to blend grapes or wines from different regions. This is a significant change in French regulations, and means that for the first time French winemakers can blend the best grapes from across the regions in France, giving them the potential and capacity to create high volumes of wine, for strong wine brands designed for export markets.

The ability to blend from across the regions also means that a particular wine profile can be maintained from vintage to vintage. This element of consistency is what the consumer demands – and Vin de France wines deliver this consistency.