Anivin announces approved wines

While strict quality requirements are in place, wine producers have the ability and flexibility to use the same wine making practices as those employed in the New World. They are not shackled by specific rules concerning yields, wood chips, etc. They can be as audacious and creative in their production methods as they wish – indeed some of the wines already on the international market are from respected wine makers who want to experiment and innovate to create outstanding wines.

This means that Vin de France wines are not only a viable competitor to New World wines, but they offer a product that is said to answer the demands of wine consumers throughout the world. New world style wines, with French flair.

The Common Market (CMO) demands strict tracking methods for wines with a stated national origin, from the vineyard to the bottling plant. And such a procedure is in place for Vin de France wines to ensure traceability. This is seen as vital to build both trade and consumer confidence in these products

Key Vin de France statistics:

• 372 wines entered into the blind tasting, with a set limit of 30% gaining medals

• 83 companies presented their wines

• 112 award winning wines

• 23 gold medals – 11 white, 2 rosé, 10 red

• 89 silver medals – 38 white, 21 rosé, 30 red

• Total award winning wines: 44% white (48% in 2014); 20% rosé (11.5% in 2014); 36% red (40.2% in 2014)