Rhône Valley experiences 'one of the best harvests in recent years'

The Rhône Valley has experienced “one of the best harvests in recent years” and the “red wines are showing an incredible level of potential”, according to Côtes du Rhône Wines. 

After historically low harvests in 2013 and a sharp upturn in 2014, harvests in the Rhône Valley are returning to levels consistent with the five-year average. Although it is "still too early to give any concrete figures", the study says initial estimates suggest a fall of 5-10% compared to 2014.

Françoise Dijon, head of the Observatoire du vignoble, said: “From the north of the region to the south, initial tastings confirm that we can expect an exceptionally high quality vintage.

"Harvesting has been consistent across all varietals and grapes should be displaying their full range of flavours. The vineyards withstood three spells of heavy rain in September, with no ill effects on vine health.

“This means we can look forward to some outstanding blends – it’s going to be very exciting,” Dijon said.