Taubenstraße 13

20359 Hamburg

An agave bar in Hamburg – this might seem a little out of place, and it is. But so is an agave bar in any other part of the word that’s not Mexico. Bettina Kupsa – formerly of Le Lion – is behind the venture, which opened in autumn 2015, so the drinks are right on the money.

Inside, it’s a green affair with an agave feature silhouetted on the wall, high tables and a bar stocked with the finest tequilas and mezcals available in Germany. It operates a tasting menu, which means you ‘chug’ a mini-drink (a couple of shots of cocktail) and move on to the next. It’s a concept borrowed from fancy restaurants which works well in liquid form. It keeps the tempo high and means more interaction with some of Hamburg’s most engaging bartenders. If you’re in northern Germany and you’re agreeable to agave, this is the place to slake your thirst.