The Gatekeeper


It is well known among those who know Nick Morgan well that he is an accomplished electric guitarist and plays in rock/blues bands. Asked how that came about, he explains: “Back in 1967, ’68, ’69, trying to play music is what everyone wanted to do.”

Asked who his guitar heroes are he lists: Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac’s founder, Albert King, Albert Collins, bluesman Lonnie Johnson, Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell.

Armed with a Fender Telecaster or Gretsch guitar, he plays in two bands. Prince Adewale & The Endeavours boasts Cask Strength’s Neil Ridley on guitar and keyboards and a genuine African prince, Christian Lewis, on bass guitar. Then there is the Copper Dogs, with Sam Simmons, global brand ambassador for William Grant’s Balvenie scotch brand.

With the former, Morgan is up front sharing vocals and swapping solos with the great Ridley but for the Dogs: “I just stand at the back and play away.” Read into that what you will.

The inevitable question: What’s your favourite drink? Morgan replies: “I would be very happy if I started the evening with a Tanqueray Martini and ended with a Johnnie Walker on the rocks.”

On the money, as you’d expect. But fair enough.