On the campaign trail

For the coming year there are plans to expand the digital programme giving national rather than geographical reach. “In the digital realm we target specific demographics to which our brands ethos is meaningful,” says Gonzalez-Gordon. “Similarly, when we work with trade partners in many cases their footprint goes beyond state boundaries – but we do focus most of our efforts in the principal metropolitan areas because we have to be efficient in the use of our resources.”

While some in each region have perceived a slight drop in activity in the start of the second year of the campaign the feeling is that this kind of generic promotion is the way forward. Many wish the same kind of investment could be expanded to other markets, where generic activity is happening but not on the same scale as in the US in order to get Ribera del Duero and Rueda on the consumer radar on a more regular basis.

As one winery owner comments: “There is potential for both regions to gain ground in Spanish wine drinkers’ repertoire, and Ribera and Rueda are getting on the map. The challenge comes when we approach consumers who choose wines from other origins. First you have to get them to choose Spain, then not to go for a Rioja. Only then can you start a conversation and you can only do that if you spend a lot more money over a longer period than one year.”